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by Patrick Brown last modified 2011-01-24 00:04

Three research thrust areas    The Center for IMS is developing technologies in three key research thrust areas, including Watchdog Agent Prognostics, Device-to-Business Platform, and Decision Support Tools.

Watchdog Agent(R) Prognostics is prediction and prognostics. Prediction means looking ahead to anticipate downtime. Prognostics means not only looking ahead, but also identifying the likely component or sub-system that will cause the downtime. The Watchdog is a software that can be applied to just about any product or system for which it would be beneficial to predict when and why the product or system is going to fail and cost you valuable downtime. From a simple valve to a complex system like a CNC machine - we are developing the Watchdog Agent toolbox to include tools for a wide variety of applications. These tools can then be customized to meet the needs of the particular industry or processes involved. (more)

Watchdog Agent is a trademark of Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems since 2006. ( Trademark Certificate | USPTO)

Device-to-Business Platform, or D2B transforms data and information into a valuable asset. D2B connects your machines or products to your decision makers, whether they're people or software systems. Whatever the industry or process, it is necessary to make business decisions based on available data or information, but do you know what data or information is available to you from your particular equipment or process? Do you know how to get that data or information out? D2B is the knowledge base and equipment needed to transform this raw data or simple information (such as error codes) into a valuable asset to your maintenance management team, inventory management system, customer relationship initiative, and more. And once this transformation is established, additional modules can be added to the D2B Platform to meet the specific needs of your industry, such as prognostics (Watchdog or otherwise), alarming and notification, statistical analysis, or optimization modules. (more)

Decision Support Tools help you determine what to do when machines are wearing out or have failed. DST can help you balance your resources when one or more machines is likely to fail by constantly looking ahead. For example, if your production line has three processes A, B and C, such that A has one machine, B has three machines, and C has one machine, what would you do if you could anticipate that one of the machines at station B was going to fail in 30 minutes? Perhaps you'd arrange a staging area for output from A, perhaps you'd ramp up production on the other two machines at station B...whatever the case, you'd be making your decision before experiencing the breakdown. That means your maintenance and process people are staying ahead of the game, balancing limited resources with constant production demand. DST helps you minimize losses in productivity caused by downtime, and helps you optimize your maintenance schedule to minimize downtime. (more)

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