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by Patrick Brown last modified 2010-03-09 09:45

Facilities IMS has access to at the University of Cincinnati

Advantech E-manufacturing Lab

Smart Structures and Nano-Technology Research Lab

Structural Dynamics Research Lab

Vibro-Acoustics and Sound Quality Research Laboratory

Robotics Research Lab

Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) Research Lab

Facilities IMS has access to at the University of Michigan

The S.M. Wu Manufacturing Research Center (WuMRC) at the University of Michigan includes six research laboratories covering over 12,000 sq. ft of lab space and containing a wide range of advanced instrumentation, fabrication, and test facilities for precision machining, process monitoring and control, and measurement and evaluation. WuMRC has a strong equipment base from which to conduct micro-milling investigations that includes an ESI 3-Axis precision micro-milling/drilling machine, a Tylor Hopson surface profiler and a Cordax RS-30 precision CMM machine. In addition to the commercially available equipment, WuMRC has developed a micro-machining system, a micro-milling tool (mMT), which is capable of performing micro-milling tasks. Both the precision ESI micro-milling/drilling station and the mMT micro-milling platform are instrumented with Kistler 9256A1 tool dynamometers and ancillary amplifiers and filters, acoustic emission sensors and vibration sensors which are coupled to high performance data acquisition systems. A Philips XL30 SEM and a Digital Instrument IIIa AFM operated by the Materials Science & Engineering Department of the University of Michigan, College of Engineering which will be utilized to characterize the form error and surface profiles of the micro-features machined during the micro-milling experimentation.

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