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IAB 14 Agenda

by Patrick Brown last modified 2015-01-14 10:54

Monday, October 29th, 2007

7:30AM Registration and Breakfast
8:00AM Host Welcome and Presentation, Mr. Frank J. Ewasyshyn
8:30AM IAB Chairmans' Address and Introduction of Attendees
8:50AM Remarks by the NSF Program Director and New Opportunities
9:00AM Introduction of UC Research by Jay Lee
  • Integrated Systematic Prognostics Platform, Linxia Liao
  • Embedded Prognostics: a Methodology and Testbed, Hassan Atat
  • Lean Maintenance: A Systematic Methodology for Effective Predictive Maintenance and Smart Service Business, Mohamed AbuAli
9:55AM Break
10:10AM Introduction of UM Research by Jun Ni
  • Autonomous Anomaly Detector Design For A Diesel Airflow System, Li Jiang
  • Throughput Improvement Through Maintenance Task Prioritization, Lin Li
  • Machine Tool Monitoring Through Sensor Fusion, Adam Brzezinski
11:05AM Introduction of UMR Research by Jag Sarangapani
  • Compressor Stiction and Valve Failures Prognostics, Raghuram Ramesh
  • Diagnostics of Pneumatic Systems Using MTS Methodology, Reghu Anguswamy
  • Online Fault Diagnostics Agent for Pump Seal and Impeller Failures, Balaje Thumati
12:00PM Lunch Break
1:00PM Updates on Selected Company/NSF Projects
  • Fault Prediction in Semiconductor Manufacturing, Lei Yang (UC) and Robert Chong (AMD)
  • An Integrated Systematic Platform for Smart Machines, Edzel Lapira (UC) and John Snyder (TechSolve)
  • Cutting Tool Breakage Detection and Prediction, Adam Brzezinski (UM)
  • Data-Driven Simulation of Dolly Material Handling, Chaoye Pan (UM)
  • Energy Harvesting - An Update, Shahab Mehraeen (UMR)
  • Application of Wireless Monitoring and Diagnostic Agent in Network-Enabled Manufacturing, James Fonda (UMR)
New Initiatives: Projects and Methodologies
  • A Systems Engineering Methodology for Prognostics Projects, Masoud Ghaffari (UC)
  • Machine Tool Prognostics and Health Indicators, John Snyder (TechSolve), Roger Lindle (GE Aviation)
  • Intelligent Maintenance for Energy Reduction, Bryan Dods (Boeing)
3:30PM Poster Session and Demonstrations
5:00PM Industry Feedback and Open Discussions
5:30PM Adjourn
6:30PM Reception and Dinner

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

7:30AM Breakfast
8:00AM LIFE forms Feedback Session
10:00AM Break
10:15AM Introduction of New Companies
  • Parker Hannifin, Luis Moreiras
  • Nissan, Hiroshi Kobayashi
  • Spirit AeroSystems, Scot Lund
  • Siemens TTB, Sarah Peach
  • EDAptive, Praveen Chawla
  • BorgWarner, Dan Paterra
  • Bosch, Elizabeth Latronico
  • Syncrude, Khaled Obaia
  • AVETEC, Jeffrey Dalton / Allen Revels

  • CISCO Systems, Raja Banerjee / Jim McDonnell
  • Q/A by Eric Berg, Bryan Dods, and Stephan Biller
12:15PM Lunch Break
1:00PM Closed Door Session – members only
  • Multi-campus IMS Operations
  • Approval of IAB 13 Minutes
  • Financial/Operational Report
  • New Business
  • Choose IAB 15 Date

This session is open only to IMS Members and selected guests as approved by IAB Chairman and Co-Directors IN ADVANCE OF MEETING.

3:00PM Adjourn

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