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IAB 18 Agenda

by Maciej Zawodniok last modified 2015-01-14 10:54


Industry Forum on Prognostics Algorithms: Verification and Validation

Avetec - Avetec Headquarter at the Nextedge Park ,

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Forum will include presentations on the utilization of experimental and benchmark data
within each system for data integrity, management, storage, verification and validation.
Presentations will be delivered by representatives from industry as well as the government.
Tentatively, the focus areas will include the Integrated Health Management, Data Management,
Data Integrity, Verification and Validation, as well as High Performance Computing.

Specific topics as well as biographies from each of the speakers will be provided prior to the workshop.
12:30PM Registration

Introduction and Overview by Drs Jag Sarangapani /Maciej Zawodniok, Missouri S&T, and Jeff Dalton/Allen Revels , AVETEC

1:30PM Session I - Verification and Validation - Lessons Learned
  • Obtaining and Validating USAF Engine Data: Lessons Learned, Tom Arnold, Southwest Research Institute
  • Process and Metrics for Validation and Verification of Prognostic and Health Management Algorithms, Jim Dzakowic, Impact Systems
  • Mashups to support Verification and Validation of Prognostics Algorithms, Matt Sedlak, RJ LEE
  • Archiving Laboratory Data for Combustion Verification and Validation, Dr Robert Frederick, University of Alabama at Huntsville
3:10PM Break
3:20PM Session II - Data Integrity, Archival, and Management
  • Data management, storage, and integrity: Challenges, Suggestions, and Perspectives from Boeing, James Fonda, Boeing
  • DICE:  Data Integrity in a High Performance Computing Environment, Avetec
  • The Future Direction of USAF Health Management Programs, Mark Derisso, AFRL
4:35PM Break
4:40PM Panel Session
5:30PM Adjourn

The 18th Industrial Advisory Board Reception

October 20th, 6pm - 8pm

at the Heritage Center of Clark County

The 18th Industrial Advisory Board reception will be hosted by Avetec and sponsored by
the Connecticut Center for Advance Technology (CCAT) a partner in the National Aerospace
Leadership Initiative. The reception will be held at the Heritage Center of Clark County,
117 South Fountain Avenue, Springfield OH.
The Center was originally constructed in 1890 for city offices and a farmer’s market. It
is on the National Register of Historical Sites. The reception will be held on October 20th
from 6-8 PM. Hors d'oeuvres as well as a cash bar will be on site. Tours of the Center’s
exhibit will be provided.

18th Industrial Advisory Board Meeting

Avetec - Avetec Headquarter at the Nextedge Park ,

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

7:30AM Registration and Breakfast
8:10AM IAB Chairmen's Address and Introduction of Attendees (20min)
8:30AM Remarks by the NSF Program Director and New Opportunities (15min)
8:45AM IMS Directors' Reports - Jay Lee, Jun Ni, and Jag Sarangapani (15min)
9:00AM Host Welcome - Jeff Dalton, Avetec (15min)
9:15AM Technical Presentations from UC
  • A Systematic Prognostics and Health Management Method for Rotary Machinery, Fangji/David/Hassan (15min+5min)

  • Data Streamlining Methods for Complex Dynamic Manufacturing Processes, Chen Yan/Sherin (15min+5min)
9:55AM Break
10:05AM Technical Presentations from UM
  • A New Method for Online Fault Detection, Adam Brzezinski (15min+5min)
  • Machine Degradation Estimation and Maintenance for Multiple Product System, Seungchul Lee (15min+5min)
10:45AM Break
10:55AM Technical Presentations from Missouri S&T
  • A New Artificial Immune-based Online Scheme For Fault Detection and Time to Failure Determination – Gary Halligan (15min+5min)
  • A New Online Prognostics Algorithm for Multiple Faults and Fault Types, Balaje Thumati (15min+5min)
11:35AM General Discussion and Q&A and Poster Session I
12:00PM Lunch Break (60min)
1:00PM Update on Selected Company/NSF Projects
  • Machine Tool Health Prognostics through Fixed Cycle Feature Test, PMC, Tianyi Wang (10min)
  • A Hybrid Framework for Energy and Machine Health Modeling, Mohamed (10min)
  • Dynamic Maintenance Threshold Calculation Considering Uncertainty, Jiwen Sun (UM) (10min)
  • Prediction of Remaining Useful Life for Battery Systems, Xiaoning Jin (UM) /Hassan Atat (UC) (20min)
  • Experimental Verification of an AIS Online Fault Detection Scheme, Gary Halligan, Balaje Thumati (Missouri S&T) (10min)
  • Embedded Prognostics Agent for Compressors: Hardware Implementation, Sandeep Kolli/Maciej Zawodniok (Missouri S&T) (10min)
2:10PM Break (10min)
2:20PM Company Presentations and New Proposals
  • Designing a Unified Framework for Advanced Prognostics Systems, NSF Fundamental Research, Multi-Campus (20min)

  • Smart self-diagnostics, Steve Vandenplas - Flanders' Mechatronics Technology Centre (FMTC) (15min)
  • Managing Maintenance Outsourcing with EAM Software Chuck Rathmann, IFS (15min)
3:20PM Poster Session II and Demonstrations (100min)
5:00PM Adjourn
6:30PM Reception and Dinner

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

7:30AM Breakfast
8:00AM LIFE forms Feedback Session
10:00AM Break
10:10AM Closed Door Session – members only
  • Approval of IAB 17 Minutes
  • Financial/Operational Report
  • New Business
  • Choose IAB 19 Date

This session is open only to IMS Members and selected guests as approved by IAB Chairman and Co-Directors IN ADVANCE OF MEETING.

12:00PM Lunch
1:00PM Adjourn

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